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VULTAN Show review – (Quiet Riot, Vultan and Shock Frenzy) Oct 19th Cleveland Agora

Vultan Show review – Quiet Riot, Vultan and Shock Frenzy

Quiet Riot made their way into Cleveland on Oct 19th. Also, show opener was the Cleveland band Shock Frenzy. Supporting them, the band Vultan. Vultan had the opportunity to spread their wings and win over the legends fans. What was shown, was more than just your average ordinary band opener. What was presented, was a well groomed talent of musicians whom took command of the stage and brought the listeners in for the 30 minute set. Vultan could easily be booked as a headliner on any given day. But using their skills to warm a crowd up was utilized this evening.

They donned their Saturday best, which were costumes in the likes of 70’s disco superstars The Village People.  The singer, Paul Hospodar dressed as the biker fit in well into his wardrobe and commanded the stage at all levels. The cowboy, Shannon Henkel was indeed a rockstar through and through, by dashing through the stage and showing the audience its ok to move around and let the music flow through your body and let the crowd feed off it. The pretty boy in the band.  The construction worker, Stephen Homan delivered the bass to the crowd.  It was evident that he had a strong fan base as there were many women screaming “Steeeeeve, Steeeeve”. Donned his Cleveland Browns colors on his construction helmet this was truly a city felt winner.  Beating on the cannons was the Indian, Michael Strong.  Dressed in  war-paint and full headdress ensemble he kept the band steady and precise.  He has always been the popular one in the band and probably best known for his “deathstar.” He is one of the city’s all time great drummers.  The soldier, Dom Rini whom is no stranger to the stage took to it like it was a mating call and commanded what was his.  His connection with the audience was very easily to see, as he numerously went off onto the stage extension that went into the audience. This helped to feel the connection with the audience and vice-versa.

Overall: if you are looking for a great band to perform, you need to make some time and watch Vultan. You will definitely leave a fan!

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