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VULTAN – 2nd single -“Rising” from the self titled EP VULTAN (Spat! Records 2020) – listen online

Vultan delivers a knock out punch with their follow up to their last single “Driven”. Their latest single “Rising” is smoking hot and drawing a lot of attention from both the media and musicians a like from around the world. It is a powerful song. With a strong guitar based song and a very graphic lyric song. This song is one of those that come along and bring your imagination for the journey. If you are into paranormal and in this case werewolves you’ll love this story line.

Give Vultan’s “Rising” a listen today and pass the word on about them and share them.

If you are in the media they are available for interviews as well and are also online on social media sites.

Vultan – official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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