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The new Vultan EP is out. Get it and turn it up LOUD!

The special Vultan release is out with the three songs, “Impetuous Boy,” “Rising”, and “Driven.” Which have been released on Spat! Records on Feb 21st.

The special artwork has been done by none other than our front-man Paul Hospodar. You can see that all the members of the band are hawmkmen including drummers’ Michael Strong’s dog Bubba.

Vultan lineup: Paul Hospodar (vocals), Michael Strong (drums / backup vocals), Dom Rini (Lead Guitar), Shannon Henkel (Guitar/backup vocals), Stephen Homan (Bass / backup vocals)


Vultan (EP) – Tracklisting
Impetuous Boy

Where to get Vultan
Deezer  / iTunes / Amazon / Spotify /

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VULTAN - 2nd single -"Rising" - listen online

Vultan delivers a knock out punch with their follow up to their last single Driven. Their latest single “Rising” is smoking hot and drawing a lot of attention from both the media and musicians alike around the world. It is a powerful song. With a strong guitar based song and a very graphic lyric song. This song is one of those that come along and bring your imagination for the journey. If you are into paranormal and in this case werewolves you’ll love this story line.

Give Vultan’s “Rising” a listen today and pass the word on about them and share them.

If you are in the media they are available for interviews as well and are also online on social media sites.

Vultan – official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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Vultan returns to the Winchester Music Tavern Friday 2/21 with The Velvematics, Signal 30 and Jozey & The Corruption

Vultan returns to The Winchester Music Tavern for an encore performance 2/21 with The Velvematics, Signal 31Jozey & The Corruption.

After Vultan performed with Crobot, ’68, and The Velvematics they were asked to come back and do another show. …

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Vultan releases first single

The extremely long awaited new music from Vultan has finally been released, not officially to the regular downloading sites but only on Youtube and and Facebook. We are giving you the opportunity to dive right in and give it a listen to.

Hope you enjoy what these guys have worked so hard to put together for you.

Pass the word on and share the video to others.

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Tonight your winged assassins VULTAN destroy The Winchester Music Tavern with Crobot 12/20

Tonight your winged assassins VULTAN destroy The Winchester Music Tavern with Crobot / ’68, and Cleveland bad boys The Velvematics

Its going to be a really kick ass show tonight at the lovely Winchester Music Tavern. You will have the chance to se…

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VULTAN / The Velvematics / Cougar Meat - to perform this Saturday at the Sly Fox Lounge 11/30/19

Its Rock Saturday, day after Black Friday. So take yourself out and catch a wickedly cool show November 30th.  Check out a killer lineup of: Vultan, The Velvematics and Cougar Meat.

If you are looking for a fun night out and want to be entertained please head on over to the Sly Fox Lounge

RSVP if you can make it this weekend.

4755 Great Northern Blvd, North Olmsted



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Rescheduled date with Crobot confirmed Fri Dec 20th at the Winchester Music Tavern with 68', The Velvematics and Vultan

Crobot has rescheduled their previous date at the Winchester Music Tavern to Friday December 20th at 7pm ET.

Also on the bill are 68‘, The Velvematics and the almighty Vultan.

As always you can get your tickets through the Vultan website – TICKETS

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 Day of Show.

The Winchester Music Tavern

12112 Madison Ave, Lakewood, Ohio 44107
The Velvematics


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Show review – Quiet Riot, Vultan and Shock Frenzy Oct 19th Cleveland Agora

Show review – Quiet Riot, Vultan and Shock Frenzy

Quiet Riot made their way into Cleveland on Oct 19th. Also, show opener was the Cleveland band Shock Frenzy. Supporting them, the band Vultan. Vultan had the opportunity to spread their wings and win over the legends fans. What was shown, was more than just your average ordinary band opener. What was presented, was a well groomed talent of musicians whom took command of the stage and brought the listeners in for the 30 minute set. Vultan could easily be booked as a headliner on any given day. But using their skills to warm a crowd up was utilized this evening.

They donned their Saturday best, which were costumes in the likes of 70’s disco superstars The Village People.  The singer, Paul Hospodar dressed as the biker fit in well into his wardrobe and commanded the stage at all levels. The cowboy, Shannon Henkel was indeed a rockstar through and through, by dashing through the stage and showing the audience its ok to move around and let the music flow through your body and let the crowd feed off it. The pretty boy in the band.  The construction worker, Stephen Homan delivered the bass to the crowd.  It was evident that he had a strong fan base as there were many women screaming “Steeeeeve, Steeeeve”. Donned his Cleveland Browns colors on his construction helmet this was truly a city felt winner.  Beating on the cannons was the Indian, Michael Strong.  Dressed in  war-paint and full headdress ensemble he kept the band steady and precise.  He has always been the popular one in the band and probably best known for his “deathstar.” He is one of the city’s all time great drummers.  The soldier, Dom Rini whom was no stranger to the stage took to it like it was a mating call and commanded what was his.  His connection with the audience was very easily to see, as he numerously went off onto the stage extension that went into the audience. This helped to feel the connection with the audience and vice-versa.

Overall: if you are looking for a great band to perform  you need to make some time and watch Vultan. You will definitely leave a fan!



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Show Review - Quiet Riot, Shock Frenzy, Vultan - Cleveland Agora 10/19/19

Mark Saturday October 19th 2019 as a night of heavenly hard rock that infected the ears and eyes of those at the Cleveland Agora. It also marked the return of the blockbuster legendary band Quiet Riot to Cleveland.  Sponsored by AEG and WMMS 100.7, along with iHeart Radio, this show was destined to be a power packed event.

WMMS 100.7 had on hand numerous individuals from the morning show and afternoon show talent. They introduced the band as well as had a costume contest and gave away $1000.

The opening band whom set the bar pretty high was the almighty VULTAN.  Using the idea of the costume, these ragtag bandits were dressed as the legendary band Village People. From their opening intro of “Gordon’s Alive” (quoted from the cult classic Flash Gordon) and playing the theme intro of the movie of Flash Gordon they got the crowd into it really quick, than diving straight into the heavy track “Ride.”

Vultan delivered a very powerful and energetic performance with having people singing along with them as well as screaming band members names out. Closing their set they did a tribute to the Village People by playing Macho Man.  Gotta check out these guys when you get a chance.

Up next was the hard rockin’ band Shock Frenzy. Armed with two guitar axe slingers this duo struck it hard and kept the driving force throughout their set. It was kinda of funny and am sure people was wondering why the singer Paul Hospodar looked so familiar, yes he sang in both bands that night, but in Shock Frenzy he held down the bass and vocals.  So the crowd automatically had an attachment with him. Shock Frenzy gives you that feel like you just fell off the bus in Hollywood back in the heyday and brings that vibe right to your faces. With their melodic moist melodies they draw you in and give you a knockout punch.

Closing out the show was the legendary chart topping band Quiet Riot.  Leading the pack was the very charismatic and entertaining frontman Jizzy Pearl. Jizzy absolutely destroyed that night.  He was on fire and the band fed off this.  Beating on the skins was Mike Dumpke. Dumpke filling in for Frankie Banali. Dumpke did an awesome job filling in and was point on in his position. Alex Grossi delivered the axemanship and was also on fire as well. Chuck Wright on bass did what he was known for, keeping the lows low and drawing the crowd in with his showmanship.

Overall, there may have been alot of big named bands playing in the greater Cleveland area but I can guarantee you this. Not one of those bands who were playing that night would be able to outdo any performances that were there at the Cleveland Agora.  These three bands brought the ferocity and the power and the accuracy as well as entertainment and it would definitely be hard to compete with these bands.  It was a great night and a very memorable event. And an awesome turnout.


Quiet Riot






Shock Frenzy



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VULTAN – 2nd single -“Rising” from the self titled EP VULTAN (Spat! Records 2020) – listen online

Vultan delivers a knock out punch with their follow up to their last single “Driven”. Their latest single “Rising” from their self titled EP VULTAN, is smoking hot and drawing a lot of attention from both the media and musicians a like around the world … Continue readingVULTAN – 2nd single -“Rising” from the self titled EP VULTAN (Spat! Records 2020) – listen online